How to verify insurance eligibility using instantvob

What Insurance Verification Programs Means for your Addiction Treatment Clinic

Insurance verification programs are critical considering 78% of potential clients admit to the first person who approves admission. Providing a process to eliminate barriers to patients’ care, such as insurance verification software, clinics not only help the patient through the complexities of health insurance but also improve their revenue cycle management.

Online Insurance Verification is Critical to Your Substance Abuse Clinic

To offer services to patients, clinics need to understand VOB and the benefits of the revenue cycle. Verifying benefits ensures the services you offer patients result in payments from insurance firms. It is one of the initial steps to acquire payments from the patient and the insurance company.

If you fail to verify a patient’s plan’s activation, you won’t receive payment for your services. On the other hand, it is also a way to know whether your patient has active coverage and is currently on premiums through Medicaid, Medicare, or any insurance policy. You will also verify whether your clinic is out or in-network with the patient’s plan.

Failure to verify the benefits process before admitting a patient to your clinic or offering services may result in certain disadvantages like claim rejections. You should verify eligibility benefits and coverage for hospital administrations, new patients, patients with a change in their scope, and high dollar procedures.

Insurance verification programs are needed for most non-emergency medical services and procedures. Stuck between patient care and administration, most clinic owners find it hard to complete the process quickly. Instant Verification of Benefits comes in handy in this. With their services, they make it easy for you and your staff to attend to other services and free up waiting on hold time from insurance companies.

Why you should choose Instantvob

Insurance verification programs help establish relationships and trust with patients. When it comes to instantvob, patients come first. Treatments are costly, and supporting patients with accurate and transparent benefits gives them a long life. The company contacts an insurance verification for substance abuse clinics with no surprise, upfront approach, thus enhancing the patient experience. Transparency helps establish your clinic and build trust and relationships with the patients.

Online insurance Verification has superior Functionality. You don’t have to wait to admit clients. Clinics get a significant percentage of potential clients after admission approval of their first-person. Instantvob is mobile optimized for any device usage. With all around the year access to its web application, you can obtain verifications of insurance benefits. With instant verification functionality, you can acquire:

  • Forecast of all care levels’ daily allowable amounts
  • Resubmit eligibility requests with new information to receive benefits any time
  • Offer your patient’s comprehensive benefits with a concise and clear three-page benefit summary
  • Fair and Most Convenient Pricing
  • All verified information about insurance benefits in less than eight seconds

Bottom Line
Insurance verification for substance abuse clinics is essential. It can save you time and the pain of insurance loss. Instant verification of benefits comes in handy in helping you with the process and ensuring you get paid for services you offer with no contracts and commitments. Contact instantvob to learn more about how we can help your clinic!

Seeking Help

7 Tips to Focus on Your Behavioral Health after Fighting Addiction

Seeking quality of life is a pursuit practiced by many. However, it becomes a responsibility and necessity for some people to live everyday life. If you have experienced addiction or know someone who has, you would know that recovering after addiction is a challenge.

It is a fight on its own, but it is difficult to focus on your behavioral health after fighting addiction and continue with the specific regularities of life. From combating initial withdrawal symptoms to casually transitioning into a sober person, battling addiction and focusing on behavioral health is an extensive journey.

Therefore, to make things easy for you by looking after your behavioral health as you have successfully fought off addiction or substance abuse, we have compiled some essential tips that will help you get back to everyday life.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Get Yourself a Safe Harbor

Whether you talk to an actual psychologist or find a friend who can lend an ear, you should always get yourself a safe harbor. A haven can be anyone who helps you recollect your intrusive and negative thoughts and realign them with favorable, present circumstances. As someone who has just fought off addiction, the chances of relapsing are pretty high. So talking out the thoughts that lead to such habits is an excellent way of reducing such chances while focusing on your behavioral health.

Make Things Right

We all have made mistakes and have regrets from the past. Now is the best time to set things straight and make things right because you are already on the road to recovery. Making things right allows us mental peace and a less obvious focus on behavioral health. It works because, in your head, you are eradicating the negativities and regretful thoughts while automatically making way for positive affirmations.

Don’t Wait For Closure

Accepting that closure isn’t always something someone will give you is crucial. The closure is what you allow yourself as you understand what has been done. Instead of visiting the past in your head, overthinking everything, and letting negativities hinder your stance – a better way is to accept, move on and let go. Talking to someone and setting things straight will help you on your journey to acceptance and may even allow you much-needed closure rather than overthinking, regretting, and waiting.

Give Yourself Time

Expecting your first few initial days to make everything right leads you to disappointment. Instead, give yourself some time and take things slowly. Moving gradually and working on your behavioral health in time will help you recover better and help you transition into a completely average person. Otherwise, there are greater chances of relapsing if you continue to expect faster results without putting in time or effort.

Find New Hobbies

Finding new hobbies like joining a book club, learning a new language, or cooking is an excellent way of diverting your mind and focusing on other, more unique things. Engaging in exciting activities will bring a positive boost of energy needed and help you resort to newer affairs instead of indulging old ones. It is a significant step ahead in the right direction toward complete recovery and normalcy.

Start Working Out

Working out and getting some exercise will help your physical fitness and help change the course of old habits to transform into better and newer ones. Working out is a cognitive way of focusing your mind on something intermittently designed to make you feel better and help you look good. It is like behavioral health 101 because it becomes a better addiction for your mind and body to work out than anything else.

Set a Sleeping Schedule

Lastly, a good night’s sleep is a well-deserved luxury that not everyone can afford. Hence, you must make time for it and set a sleeping schedule. Start by allowing yourself to sleep early and complete an 8-hour sleep cycle. Wake up early to get in the morning workout and cook breakfast. Insert a little afternoon nap to keep yourself fresh throughout the day. Repeat for a week until your schedule becomes natural to your internal clock. When you sleep, you will simultaneously resort to better activities and mindset.

Final Thoughts

Fighting addiction and the road to recovery is a challenge. But tricking your mind into focusing on behavioral health is a great way to make this journey smooth and better for you. Know someone fighting addiction or substance abuse? 

One of the best ways to get someone to treatment is to have their insurance ready. instantvob™ is the one solution that instantly gives you instant access to health insurance benefits verification information.

Call us today at 561-530-5755 and see how we can make things easier for you. 


The Importance of Behavioral Health Treatment

We’re slowly changing the conversation around mental health. We now see that more people are aware of the toll that existence can sometimes take on them. The more we open up conversations about mental health and the general state of human beings, the more we can talk about behavioral health treatment and how it can help. It’s taken a long time to overcome the stigma around mental health and have authentic conversations with people regarding what they are going through. 

The article below will discuss what it is and why it’s necessary. If you’re on the fence about receiving behavioral health treatment and want to receive it, read on as we tell you more.

What is Behavioral Health Treatment? 

Behavioral health treatment is a kind of all-encompassing term that deals with the treatment that helps you deal with mental disorders. This type of treatment deals with the self. It helps you recognize and identify what kind of patterns you’ve enabled in your life. It helps you understand how you can help yourself by changing your behaviors. The treatment focuses on your current problems and how you can change them. 

One major factor that Behavioral health treatment works with is replacing negative behaviors with positive behaviors. CBT works on a holistic approach to therapy so that all aspects of the subject’s life get better.

Whom Can Behavioral Health Treatment Help?

Many people benefit from attending behavioral health treatment. Many people turn to therapy to help them understand themselves and find ways to be happy. If you’ve recently gone through some significant trauma, you may want to opt for this therapy to feel better. 

Behavioral health treatment can help people who have the following mental illnesses:

  1. Anxiety 
  2. Depression
  3. Substance Abuse 
  4. Addiction 
  5. Loss 
  6. Sleep Problems
  7. Grief

Many people who don’t have significant or diagnosed mental health problems tend to opt for behavioral health therapy to stop feeling stuck. This form of treatment helps in several ways. Behavioral Health specialists’ responsibility is to help people feel better about themselves. 

Is Behavioral Therapy Important?

Behavioral therapy is a crucial resource that helps many people identify how they can make their lives better. It’s significant depending on the situation that the person has undergone. People need to recognize their misgivings to work on a holistic approach to being happier.

It is also highly effective. It has been successful in treating a large number of conditions, which is why it’s considered to be highly effective. Studies show that this helps around 75% of the people who pursue it. That’s a significant amount. 

Can Children Benefit From Therapy?

Behavioral therapy works in adults because they have some recollection of their childhood. However, there is another form of treatment for children called Play Therapy. Applied Behavioral Therapy is also a form of therapy that children can benefit from. Treatment in this kind of psychology involves understanding why a child may respond in specific ways and helping them find different ways to respond.

A central part of this therapy is rewarding positive behavior and punishing negative behavior. Parents can emulate this therapy in their daily lives so that children know the difference between right and wrong self-expression. 

Children with ADHD and Autism tend to benefit from this type of therapy. 

What Are the Benefits of Behavioral Therapy?

There are many benefits to receiving therapy in adults. We have listed some of these benefits below.


Many people don’t have the support systems to get through the day. When you sign up for therapy, you’re essentially paying for a support system when you struggle. 

Raises Self-Esteem

Many people often cite low self-esteem as the cause of their issues. Behavioral therapy lets people build on their self-esteem to work towards a better solution.

Creation of Positive Thoughts

With certain kinds of mental illnesses and trauma, negative thoughts tend to become the main focus for many people. This focus causes them to become highly depressed and sometimes dysfunctional. Their move towards happiness depends on introducing positive thoughts, which Behavioral Therapy tends to help. 


Behavioral therapy is essential, which is why so many people tend to pursue it for themselves. However, money issues make it more difficult for many people to do so. However, health insurance makes the entire ordeal much easy. Instant VOB is a company that helps mental health facilities verify a patient’s insurance policies. The verification means that the patient can receive mental health at the right time to grow to become better.

Our instant verification software staff is rooted in the addiction treatment and behavioral health industry. We are passionate about helping those in need.

growa your practice with instant verification of benefits

How Online Verification of Benefits Can Help You to Grow Your Practice

Insurance helps decrease healthcare service costs and gives patients immediate treatment options. After services have been rendered, things become complicated, with insurance companies not paying for different services. According to the AJMC, denials for various services have risen by 11% annually, increasing disputes about what is covered. These challenges make it difficult to know if insurance companies will reimburse you for the total amount of your services. You can avoid these issues by using a system that instantly offers online verification of benefits. We look at how this system revolutionizes healthcare to give you more support, so you can focus on helping your patients. 

Online Benefit Verification Improves Your Profitability 

Nobody likes to hear that their insurance claims have been denied, and the process begins after the services are rendered. These issues make it harder for you to collect the full payment, as patients can only pay so much. 

The insurance company will cover the services up to a point and will not go beyond what is approved. Healthcare providers are left to figure out how to collect their fees and do so in ways that produce results. 

Instant verification lets you see what benefits are covered and talk to the patient about this before delivering your services. You never have to worry about disputes arising, as you have timely information. 

We recommend getting the online verification of benefits before you work with a patient to understand what is covered. You have better information and know-how to handle these situations before they impact your profitability. 

instantvob™ is easy to use, and we offer affordable plans that give you timely information. You never have to worry about if something is covered and then find out later that a service is not. We give you immediate access to make better decisions and discuss the financial implications with your patients. 

You Offer Better Quality Services 

Let’s face the facts one of the most common issues in any healthcare environment is the time spent verifying benefits. Staff members are constantly talking to insurance companies about what is covered. 

The patient suffers, as the staff has less time to work with them and give timely information on their benefits. Appointments are scheduled for services patients can’t afford, and they don’t realize their insurance company is not covering everything. 

Online verification of benefits lets you see in real-time what is covered and decreases the time spent talking to insurance companies. Your staff can focus more on patients and scheduling them based on the results of the inquiry. 

We recommend using our services to improve quality and become more responsive to your patients. 

instantvob™ is quick, HIPAA compliant, secure, and easy to implement into your practice. The world of healthcare is changing, and you want to adjust to these shifts to be better prepared for new challenges. 

Decrease Denials with online verification of benefits

The insurance world is changing, and each carrier has different policies about what is covered. You rely on your staff to decide what is covered under a plan and if a patient is eligible using their existing insurance. 

However, the changes to insurance company policies have shifted in the last few years, and denials are increasing. If you see an increase in denials, these shifts impact what is covered. 

You can direct your staff to follow up on each patient and speak to the insurance company about eligibility. The other option is using state-of-the-art solutions that instantly verify the benefits. The last choice gives you fast and easy access to the information without overwhelming your staff. 

Using our next-generation solutions, you make better decisions and lower the odds of denials for different services. Technology is making things more accessible; you can use these advancements to streamline verification. 

We recommend using our services to verify patient eligibility for different insurance benefits. 

instantvob™ is the solution that makes online verification of benefits easy and fast for your practice. You don’t have to wait to admit patients or for lengthy approvals when you have all the information in seconds. We will verify all of the insurance information in 8 seconds, or less so you can make the best decisions. 

Stop Wasting Time! 

Our solutions to verify benefits give you the tools you need to get back into the business of practicing medicine. Call instantvob™ at 561-530-5755 and let us help you see how we can get you instant access to your patient’s benefits. 

Our easy-to-use solutions simplify the process. We are located on South Congress Avenue, near the Pace Center for Girls.  

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Top 3 Reasons to Use instantvob™ for Instant Verification of Benefits

When a patient checks into a rehab facility, their first impression is with the front desk. Essentially, this sets the tone for their visit, whether it be an hour-long therapy session or a 30-day inpatient program. If your front desk staff is already juggling many tasks, verifying the patient’s insurance eligibility and benefits while meeting the patient’s needs can be a significant challenge. Instant verification can relieve your staff of many problems in several ways. The two most important being they will effectively confirm the patient’s ability to pay for their medical care while providing a positive first impression for the patient. 

At instantvob™, we know the patient must always come first. As a result, we designed an app that allows the front desk staff to quickly and accurately verify benefits. Our platform should become integral to every substance abuse clinic and rehabilitative facility for many reasons. The following are our top three. 

Increased Patient Satisfaction 

The reception at any healthcare facility significantly impacts how a patient perceives their experience. Suppose a patient must wait around as your staff makes multiple calls to companies for verification. In that case, it is only time before frustration sinks in. Suppose the patient is later satisfied with the services. In that case, their check-in experience may sour their overall outlook on the facility. This proves that first impressions do matter. 

We understand that your front desk staff has much to juggle, and verifying benefits and coverage is challenging and time-consuming. Your team can work more efficiently with the right tools and technologies. With instantvob™, your staff can easily interpret complicated health plan benefits. Our platform is as easy as one, two, three – literally. 

  1. Log in to the online portal and select instantvob™
  2. Enter the patient’s information into the application’s five fields 
  3. Submit 

If your team experiences any trouble, our service is available 24/7 to advise them and deliver comprehensive and accurate benefit and eligibility information. 

Reduces Claim Denials 

You know that claim denial can cost your facility revenue in many ways, including the possibility of incurring penalties and fines due to mistakes and misfiled claims. Even if you do not receive a high number of claims, you and your staff will do everything you can to reduce that number. Change starts at the front desk: your front desk must always ask for and verify proof of insurance benefits. 

instantvob™ is the eligibility solution you have been waiting for. Our web app is mobile-optimized for use on any device. 24/7 access to our web application allows your staff always to obtain insurance benefits verifications. 

  • All insurance benefits information is verified in 8 seconds or less. 
  • Users can resubmit eligibility requests with new information to verify benefits at any time. 

All patient insurance information is verified for errors and completeness, which will speed up the process. Patients can pay promptly, thus facilitating your substance use disorder treatment facility to cut down on claim denials. instantvob™ is a transparent, no-surprises approach that improves the patient experience, while financial transparency helps build your brand. 

More Time with Your Patient 

When a medical facility runs smoothly and eliminates unnecessary hurdles, like the multiple steps it once took to verify benefits, you and your staff can spend more time with the patient. In the end, this is what truly matters. When you use instantvob™, all patient insurance information is verified for errors and completeness, which allows facilities to update insurance information long before admission. They no longer need to make multiple calls, forcing the patient to stand idly by. 

By spending less time on the phone, they can spend more time with the patient, improving their experience. Additionally, your patients do not need to worry about security issues, as all historical insurance benefit verifications are stored securely in our portal for access at any time. 

Get the Best Verification of Benefits Tool

You no longer need to wait to admit patients. Get instantvob™ instead. With a low monthly fee and no commitments, instantvob™ is the intelligent option. To learn more about our instant verification platform, contact us or call 561-530-5755

Program for instant verification of benefits increasing admission rates for treatment centers

How Substance Use Disorder Treatment Providers Can Increase Productivity

Substance Use Disorder treatment providers play a vital role in our society. They help individuals recover from substance use disorder from substances like drugs and alcohol addiction. They provide individuals with the tools to become productive community members again. To continue their role, providers must look to improve every aspect of their services, from offering effective patient programs to streamlining the verification of benefits process

Verifying benefits helps ensure their most important goal can be realized – helping every patient who walks through their doors. At instantvob™, we strive to help providers by providing an easy-to-use application to verify patients’ benefits in three simple steps, which we will delve into later. Now, let’s look at a few other ways Substance Use Disorder treatment providers can increase productivity.

Use an Intelligent Scheduling System

Schedules are one of the most critical elements in ensuring productivity. As a result, this is not a responsibility assigned to just anyone on the staff. Find the time to develop a scheduling system that everyone on your team can understand. As many clinics tend to do, do not assign this task to a lower-level member. Instead, have a staff member who has shown good organization, planning, and delegating skills to manage it. Consider digitizing if you are currently using a manual scheduling method. There is an abundance of applications that have a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for growing offices to create their schedules.

Delegate Tasks Appropriately

Do you find that substance use counselors spend much of their time on tasks that do not involve direct patient care? Consider changing this by delegating tasks to other members to ensure that most of the counselor’s time is devoted to the patients. In a substance use clinic’s bustling and hectic environment, this strategy can be more challenging than it sounds. One way to simplify it is to ask whether the task demands a counselor be involved and whether someone else can do it. Ask the entire staff about ways to handle tasks more efficiently.

Confirm Patient Appointments

We understand that small substance use clinics may struggle to achieve this, as there are more important tasks that need handling. However, at the very least, we recommend confirming appointments for new patients. For example, if a patient does not attend a cognitive behavioral therapy session, this wastes the therapist’s time and costs the clinic money. Therefore, to avoid costly no-shows, start confirming patient appointments.

Use the Credit Card on File Option

More medical facilities should allow patients to leave their credit cards on file, as it is a great strategy to reduce balances and improve cash flow. Furthermore, it is more convenient for the patient, as most patients prefer to use their card for out-of-pocket payments.

Collect Co-Payments Upfront

These days, out-of-pocket costs have increased, and patients are even more reluctant to cover their share of the treatment. Many healthcare facilities, including substance use clinics, often wait until the patient has been discharged to ask for payment. However, some patients will leave directly after being seen, which puts the many struggles of the bill collections process into motion. Instead, collect the total or partial payment upfront before the patient is seen. When only a partial payment is required, you will find that patients are more inclined to cover it.

Use instantvob™

Verification services determine how much is owed and who is responsible for covering it: the patient or the insurance company. If your clinic experiences a high volume of denied claims, it may benefit from using instantvob™. Our online portal is fast and intuitive. Log in, enter the patient’s name, and submit the information. Your staff can quickly resubmit all eligibility requests with new information to verify benefits. Additionally, all historical insurance benefit verifications are stored in our portal to access at anytime.

By using our advanced technology to verify benefits, the clinic will reduce the number of denied claims it receives. Once staff members sign into instantvob™’s platform, they can view insurance eligibility in real-time and know what services will be covered by the patient’s insurance provider. We guarantee all your staff members will understand our platform, but if anyone experiences a learning curve at the beginning, we are available 24/7 to answer their questions.

Contact instantvob™ Today!

These simple yet effective strategies can help your clinic increase its productivity. Furthermore, our application can simplify verifying patients’ benefits, which we understand can be daunting for staff members. To receive high-quality technology for instant verification of benefits, contact instantvob™ today. Call 561-355-5755 for more information.

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The Various Forms of Substance Use Disorders and How Instant Verification Makes a Difference

Substance use disorder is when someone is addicted to a specific substance and can not quit. Substance use disorders are common, with 19.7 million adults battling some form of addiction. 

These issues are challenging, as the more someone abuses a substance, the more significant harm is to their mental and physical well-being. 

The best way to combat these issues is to know the different forms of substance use and get the addict professional help. This article looks at the various drugs associated with substance use disorder and how instant verification can make all the difference. 


An opioid is any drug containing some form of opium or heroin, including fentanyl, Oxycotin, and Vicodin. These drugs are very addictive by connecting with the opioid receptors in the central nervous system. Doctors prescribe variations of opioids for relieving pain after an accident or injury. 

When using these drugs, the pain is blocked from the central nervous system, helping the person feel better. The side effects include drowsiness, respiratory issues, depression, constipation, nausea, and confusion. 

The long-term effects are that the body will develop a tolerance to opioids, leading to addiction. Over time, you will have trouble with decision-making, dealing with stress, and controlling your behavior. The habit can become so intense that users will find themselves lying and stealing from their loved ones to do opioids.  

We recommend that anyone suffering from opioid addiction seek treatment immediately—most forms of insurance cover in and outpatient treatment to address the dependency issues.

instantvob™ can instantly verify the insurance coverage and what forms of treatment are approved. We give you 24-hour access so you know what to do when dealing with someone addicted to opioids. You no longer have to wait to admit clients, as instant approval gives you all relevant information. 


Alcohol is one of the most frequently abused substances, and most people ignore the signs when someone is an alcoholic. 

Statistics show that 65.9% of all adults drank in the past month, and 25.8% engaged in binge drinking. 

These figures show the pervasiveness of alcohol abuse and how drinking is not as stigmatized as other drugs in our society. 

The constant use of alcohol leads to addiction, with the loss of control over how much you drink. You will see aggressiveness and pessimistic attitudes when you are not drinking. Drinking is a form of escape to help the person feel better and relieve the tension in their lives. 

The challenge is that alcohol abuse impairs people’s judgment and destroys their relationships with friends and family. 

Over the long-term, drinking too much can cause cancer, liver, heart, and pancreas damage and weaken the immune system. 

We recommend encouraging someone with a drinking problem to seek treatment immediately. 

Insurance will cover the treatment, and the alcoholic can start on the road to recovery and a better life. 

instantvob™ is the application that verifies insurance benefits, eligibility, and historical benefits. All of this is at your fingertip instantaneously, and you can admit the alcoholic to treatment. You don’t have to wait around and let the alcoholic change their mind when 24-hour access is available.  


Stimulants fall into different categories of drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine, Ritalin, Adderall, and Modafinil. These drugs cause the brain to produce more dopamine, which leads to the body feeling awake, focused, talkative, and having a lower appetite. 

The drawbacks are when the effects of the drugs wear off, and there is a need for sleep. You can also develop headaches, seizures, coma, and heart attacks from constant misuse in the short term.

Over the long term, stimulants can cause psychotic behavior, aggressiveness, memory loss, and circulatory issues. Abusing methamphetamines and cocaine has increased the chances of acquiring HIV and Hepatitis. 

Anyone abusing stimulants should seek treatment the right way, as the side effects are dangerous. The hazards to their health are considerable, and these substances are highly addictive. 

instantvob™ is your platform for the immediate verification of benefits, and you know what is covered. You no longer have to wait for the insurance company to confirm what is covered when our platform does that quickly. Using our application, you can rapidly address any substance use disorder and find out everything you want to know. 

You Can Help Your Clients Faster 

These are some drugs associated with substance abuse disorder, and the best way to get someone to treatment is to have their insurance ready. instantvob™ is the one solution that gives you everything right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. Call us today at 561-530-5755 and see how we can make things easier for you. 

We are the one platform you can’t live without, located on South Congress Avenue near the Palm Springs Public Library. 

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Instant Verification of Benefits Technology With Quality Customer Support

When your alcohol and substance abuse center uses cutting-edge technology for instant verification of benefits, this goes a long way in strengthening your business. With instantvob™, our online portal allows you to enter patients’ names to see their benefits and eligibility information. Ultimately, this will save your staff time and improve the patient experience. Another important element when using new technology is readily available tech support. We make it easy for you to receive help whenever you have questions or concerns about our web application, which makes the learning curve at the beginning smoother to manage.

If you don’t think tech support is an essential characteristic in choosing a tech tool, here is how our support team will help your business.

Role Of Our Support Team

In this digital world, a business is only as strong as its tech capabilities. But learning new tools, like our application that allows instant benefits verification, isn’t always easy. Without the proper support, new technology can derail your business if your staff doesn’t know how to use it. Our team doesn’t just offer functional technology, but we also provide the necessary support to keep your business running smoothly.

The role of our support team is to help you execute essential solutions to keep your business running smoothly and more efficiently. The proper support will give you an edge against your competition, which is crucial in the business world. Every industry, even substance abuse centers, has to contend with the competition. When onboarding a new patient for instant verification, it’s imperative that the process is handled quickly. People are so opposed to methods that take long that they go elsewhere to find a center that can handle things quickly.

In many cases, new technology poses new problems. Untrained staff may run into the following:

  • Technical issues
  • Difficulty setting up user accounts
  • Problems understanding how to use the software

When they reach out to customer support, they have difficulty getting ahold of anyone to resolve their issues. These seemingly minor problems can result in significant consequences. We understand the importance of easy access to industry experts who are always waiting for your call. We offer live support upon request. That way, when your staff uses our web application, they will always have an expert to handle all their application needs quickly.

More Than Technology

When a company uses tools to improve productivity, the quality of the product is the first thing they see. After all, it’s the technological tool that will transform the business. For example, the instantvob™ advantage is functionality, easy setup, and data encryption to protect your client’s information. These features are imperative in the verification of benefits tools for alcohol and substance abuse centers. Without them, we know our product wouldn’t perform as efficiently as it does. Nevertheless, we understand that it goes beyond quality technology, yet an often-neglected characteristic when choosing a company is technical support. Many businesses only realize the importance of it when they run into technical issues and can’t get ahold of an industry expert to resolve them.

Although instantvob™ is easy to understand and execute, if your staff has any questions, problems, or concerns, we provide the best customer support to troubleshoot whatever issues they may have. Our support will help your business run more efficiently. When your clients are satisfied, this will build brand awareness and loyalty.

Speak With Industry Experts about Instant Verification of Benefits

Just like a business is only as good as its technology, customer support is only as good as its team. You will be connected to highly trained and experienced industry experts to troubleshoot issues big and small. Our team will enable your team to build trust and relationships with your patients.

Choose instantvob™ for your Instant Verification of Benefits Needs

verification of medical benefits is hadnled by instant VOB

If your business hasn’t utilized new technology to verify patient benefits, now is the time to do so. No alcohol and substance abuse center wants repeats, but you can benefit from word of mouth, and your old technology may be costing your business. With instantvob™, you will receive high-quality technology and customer support to take that first step into instant verification of benefits confidently. Contact us today or call 561-355-5755 for more information on our services.

Program for instant verification of benefits increasing admission rates for treatment centers

Why Instant Verification Of Benefits Saves You Time And How It Works

Why is instant verification of benefits so important? It can save your staff time and improve the patient experience. You can also lose revenue in admitting patients who do not have active policies or whose insurance company does not cover certain services. As a result, one of the first steps to ensure payment is to verify the patient’s benefits and determine whether you will receive reimbursement from the insurance company. Simplify this tedious process with instantvob™, a new web app designed for instant verification.

What Is Verification Of Benefits?

Verification Of Benefits for medical billing is verifying health insurance plan benefits with the insurance company to determine how much coverage an individual has. Even if a patient’s insurance policy is active, not all of their medical expenses will receive reimbursement from their insurance provider. Instant verifications of benefits services assist in determining how much coverage the insurance policy provides and who is responsible for covering it. When the insurance provider does not provide full reimbursement, many substance abuse centers have difficulty explaining to the patient that they are responsible for the payment and why. Most patients do not fully comprehend what services are not covered under their insurance policy and don’t understand why their insurance will not cover them. In far too many instances, patients refuse to make a payment. As a result, verifying that the insurance company will cover reimbursement is essential and typically completed before the patient’s admission.

Substance abuse facilities that experience a high volume of denied claims can benefit from instantvob™. You can ensure services get paid when the patient steps through your doors. instantvob™ allows you to see insurance benefits within seconds and verify all insurance information for errors and completeness, allowing facilities to update insurance information before admission.

In addition to maximizing revenue, instant verification increases patient satisfaction. Instant account verification allows you to verify the patient’s insurance coverage to determine if treatment services are reimbursable within seconds. A typical instant benefit verification takes 8 seconds or less when you use our instantvob™ tool.

You should also consider the patient experience. Years ago, outdated methods often took too long, but there was no faster alternative back then. Patients expect everything to be handled quickly with today’s improvements and modern technologies. If your facility has not updated its process with new technology, this can significantly hurt its bottom line as patient satisfaction diminishes. 

Benefits Of Using Verification of Benefits

Getting up-to-date substance abuse billing information helps reduce the guesswork of determining whether or not an addiction treatment center will receive reimbursement for its treatment services. Our online portal is fast and intuitive. Log in, enter the patient’s information into the application fields, and then hit submit. From that point:

  • Eligibility requests can be resubmitted with new information to verify benefits at any time.
  • You receive complete benefit data about every patient with a clear and concise 2-5 page benefit summary.
  • All historical insurance benefit verifications are stored in our portal for access at any time.

Reduce the number of denied claims your facility sees by using our advanced technology to verify benefits. Your staff can now view insurance eligibility in real-time and immediately know what services will be covered by the patient’s insurance provider. Whenever your team needs assistance, we are available 24/7 to deliver comprehensive and accurate benefit and eligibility information.

Our platform is intuitive and easy to understand, but our support team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you experience difficulty setting up user accounts or have problems understanding how to use the software, please reach out so we can assist.

Speak With Industry Experts

The advantage of using instantvob™’s medical billing verification of benefits is functionality, easy setup, and data encryption to protect your client’s information. Nevertheless, we know the importance of receiving reliable customer support, and our experts are available to answer any questions or concerns you and your team may have.

Just like a business is only as good as its technology, customer support is only as good as its team. You will be connected to highly trained and experienced industry experts to troubleshoot issues big and small. Our team will enable your team to build trust and relationships with your patients.

Verifying patient benefits can be confusing, so we have developed a platform that simplifies this process. Incorporating a workflow that involves instant verification the moment a patient walks through your doors will ensure that your facility receives reimbursement from the patient and the insurance company. With instantvob™, you will receive high-quality technology and customer support to take that first step into instant verification of benefits confidently. Contact us today or call 561-355-5755 for more information on our instant verification of benefits services.