How to verify insurance eligibility using instantvob

What Insurance Verification Programs Means for your Addiction Treatment Clinic

Insurance verification programs are critical considering 78% of potential clients admit to the first person who approves admission. Providing a process to eliminate barriers to patients’ care, such as insurance verification software, clinics not only help the patient through the complexities of health insurance but also improve their revenue cycle management.

Online Insurance Verification is Critical to Your Substance Abuse Clinic

To offer services to patients, clinics need to understand VOB and the benefits of the revenue cycle. Verifying benefits ensures the services you offer patients result in payments from insurance firms. It is one of the initial steps to acquire payments from the patient and the insurance company.

If you fail to verify a patient’s plan’s activation, you won’t receive payment for your services. On the other hand, it is also a way to know whether your patient has active coverage and is currently on premiums through Medicaid, Medicare, or any insurance policy. You will also verify whether your clinic is out or in-network with the patient’s plan.

Failure to verify the benefits process before admitting a patient to your clinic or offering services may result in certain disadvantages like claim rejections. You should verify eligibility benefits and coverage for hospital administrations, new patients, patients with a change in their scope, and high dollar procedures.

Insurance verification programs are needed for most non-emergency medical services and procedures. Stuck between patient care and administration, most clinic owners find it hard to complete the process quickly. Instant Verification of Benefits comes in handy in this. With their services, they make it easy for you and your staff to attend to other services and free up waiting on hold time from insurance companies.

Why you should choose Instantvob

Insurance verification programs help establish relationships and trust with patients. When it comes to instantvob, patients come first. Treatments are costly, and supporting patients with accurate and transparent benefits gives them a long life. The company contacts an insurance verification for substance abuse clinics with no surprise, upfront approach, thus enhancing the patient experience. Transparency helps establish your clinic and build trust and relationships with the patients.

Online insurance Verification has superior Functionality. You don’t have to wait to admit clients. Clinics get a significant percentage of potential clients after admission approval of their first-person. Instantvob is mobile optimized for any device usage. With all around the year access to its web application, you can obtain verifications of insurance benefits. With instant verification functionality, you can acquire:

  • Forecast of all care levels’ daily allowable amounts
  • Resubmit eligibility requests with new information to receive benefits any time
  • Offer your patient’s comprehensive benefits with a concise and clear three-page benefit summary
  • Fair and Most Convenient Pricing
  • All verified information about insurance benefits in less than eight seconds

Bottom Line
Insurance verification for substance abuse clinics is essential. It can save you time and the pain of insurance loss. Instant verification of benefits comes in handy in helping you with the process and ensuring you get paid for services you offer with no contracts and commitments. Contact instantvob to learn more about how we can help your clinic!

Seeking Help

7 Tips to Focus on Your Behavioral Health after Fighting Addiction

Seeking quality of life is a pursuit practiced by many. However, it becomes a responsibility and necessity for some people to live a normal life. If you have experienced addiction or know someone who has, you would know that recovering after addiction is a challenge.

Not only is it a fight on its own, but it is difficult to focus on your behavioral health after fighting addiction and continue with the normal regularities of life. From combating initial withdrawal symptoms to casually transitioning into a sober person, fighting addiction and focusing on behavioral health is an extensive journey.

Therefore, to make things easy for you by looking after your behavioral health as you have successfully fought off addiction or substance abuse – we have compiled some important tips that will help you get back to a normal life without any baggage from the past.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Get Yourself a Safe Harbor

Whether you talk to an actual psychologist or find a friend that can lend an ear or two, you should always get yourself a safe harbor. A safe harbor can be anyone who helps you recollect your intrusive and negative thoughts and realign them with positive, present circumstances. As someone who has just fought off addiction, the chances of relapsing are quite high. So talking out the thoughts that lead to such habits is a great way of reducing such chances while focusing on your behavioral health.

Make Things Right

We all have made mistakes and have regrets from the past. Now is the best time to set things straight and make things right because you are already on the road to recovery. Making things right allows us mental peace as well as a less obvious focus on behavioral health. The particular reason why it works is that in your head, you are eradicating the negativities and regretful thoughts while automatically making way for positive affirmations.

Don’t Wait For Closure

It is crucial to accept the fact that closure isn’t something that someone will give to you. The closure is what you allow yourself as you accept what has been done. Instead of visiting the past in your head, overthinking everything, and letting negativities hinder your stance – a better way is to accept, move on and let go. Talking to someone and setting things straight greatly help you on your journey to acceptance and may even allow you much-needed closure than to just overthink, regret and wait.

Give Yourself Time

Expecting that your first few initial days will make everything right is leading you to disappointment. Instead, give yourself some time and take things slowly. Moving gradually and working on your behavioral health in time will help you recover better and help you transition into a completely normal person. Otherwise, there are greater chances of relapsing if you continue to expect faster results without putting in time or effort.

Find New Hobbies

Finding new hobbies like joining a book club, learning a new language, or cooking is a great way of diverting your mind and focusing on other, newer, better things. Engaging in exciting activities will bring a positive boost of energy needed and help you resort to newer affairs instead of indulging old ones. It is a great step ahead in the right direction towards complete recovery and normalcy.

Start Working Out

Working out and getting some exercise will help your physical fitness and help change the course of old habits to transform into better and newer ones. Working out is a cognitive way of focusing your mind on something that is intermittently designed to make you feel better and help you look good. It is basically like behavioral health 101 because it becomes a better addiction for your mind and body to work out than anything else.

Set a Sleeping Schedule

Lastly, a goodnight’s sleep is a well-deserved luxury that not everyone can afford. Hence, you have to make time for it and set a sleeping schedule. Start by allowing yourself to sleep early and complete an 8-hour sleep cycle. Wake up early to get in the morning workout and cook yourself some breakfast. Insert a little afternoon nap to keep yourself fresh throughout the day and repeat for a week until your schedule becomes natural to your internal clock. When you sleep, you will simultaneously resort to better activities and mindset.

Final Thoughts

Fighting addiction and the road to recovery is a challenge. But tricking your mind into focusing on behavioral health is a great way to make this journey smooth and better for you. Know someone fighting addiction or substance abuse? 

One of the best ways to get someone to treatment is to have their insurance ready. Instantvob is the one solution that gives you everything right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. 

Call us today at 561-530-5755 and see how we can make things easier for you. 


Is Behavioral Health Therapy Important?

We’re slowly changing the conversation around mental health. We now see that more people are aware of the toll that existence can sometimes take on them. The more we open up conversations about mental health and the general state of human beings, the more we can talk about Behavioral Therapy and how it alleviates the pressures in people’s lives. It’s taken a long time to overcome the stigma around mental health and have authentic conversations with people regarding what they are going through. 

In the article below, we will discuss what it is, and why it’s necessary. If you’re on the fence about receiving behavioral health therapy and want to receive it, read on as we tell you more.

What is Behavioral Health Therapy? 

Behavioral Therapy is a kind of all-encompassing term which deals with the therapy that helps you deal with mental disorders. This type of therapy deals with the self. It helps you recognize and identify what kind of patterns that you’ve enabled in your life. It helps you understand how you can help yourself by changing your behaviors. The therapy focuses on your current problems and how you can change them. 

One major factor that Behavioral Health Therapy works with is replacing negative behaviors with positive behaviors. BHP works on a holistic approach to therapy so that all aspects of the subject’s life get better.

Who Can Behavioral Health Therapy Help?

Many people benefit from attending behavioral health therapy. Many people turn to Therapy to help them understand themselves and find ways to be happy. If you’ve recently gone through some significant trauma, then you may want to opt for this therapy so you can feel better. 

Behavioral Health Therapy can help people who have the following mental illnesses:

  1. Anxiety 
  2. Depression
  3. Substance Abuse 
  4. Addiction 
  5. Loss 
  6. Sleep Problems
  7. Grief

Many people who don’t have significant or diagnosed mental health problems tend to opt for behavioral health therapy to stop feeling stuck. this form of therapy helps in several ways. It’s the responsibility of Behavioral Health specialists to help people feel better about themselves. 

Is Behavioral Therapy Important?

Many people believe that Behavioral Therapy is an important resource that helps many people identify how they can make their lives better. It’s significant depending on the situation that the person has undergone. People need to recognize their misgivings to work on a holistic approach to being happier.

it is also extremely effective. It has been successful in treating a large number of conditions, which is why it’s considered to be extremely effective. Studies show that this helps around 75% of the people who choose to pursue it. That’s a significant amount. 

Can Children Benefit From Therapy?

Behavioral Therapy works in adults because they have some recollection of their childhood. However, for children, there is another form of Therapy called Play Therapy. Applied Behavioral Therapy is also a form of Therapy that children can benefit from. Treatment in this kind of psychology involves understanding why a child may be responding in certain ways and helping them find different ways to respond.

A central part of this Therapy is rewarding positive behavior and punishing negative behavior. Parents can emulate this Therapy in their daily lives so that children know the difference between right and wrong self-expression. 

Children with ADHD and Autism tend to benefit from this type of Therapy

What Are the Benefits of Behavioral Therapy?

There are many benefits to receiving Therapy in adults. We have listed some of these benefits below.


Many people don’t have the support systems to get through the day. When you sign up for Therapy, you’re essentially paying for a support system for when you struggle. 

Raises Self-Esteem

Many people often cite low self-esteem as the cause of their issues. Behavioral Therapy lets people build on their self-esteem so they can work towards a better solution.

Creation of Positive Thoughts

With certain kinds of mental illnesses and trauma, negative thoughts tend to become the main focus for many people. This focus causes them to become extremely depressed and sometimes dysfunctional. Their move towards happiness depends on the introduction of positive thought, which Behavioral Therapy tends to help with. 


Behavioral Therapy is extremely important, which is why so many people tend to pursue it for themselves. However, money issues make it more difficult for many people to do so. However, health insurance makes the entire ordeal much easy. Instant VOB is a company that helps mental health facilities verify a patient’s insurance policies. The verification means that the patient can receive mental health at the right time to grow to become better.

Our instant verification software staff is routed in the addiction treatment and behavioral health industry. We are passionate about helping those in need.