Verification of benefits helping drug rehab owners

Drug Rehab CEOs – Stop Guessing With instantvob™

instantvob™ knows that owning and operating a drug rehab can be a difficult task. There are many aspects and moving parts to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. Some of these critical areas include business, clinical, and marketing. Sometimes they need comprehensive and utterly accurate information within seconds to help save lives. Although many own and operate a rehab to help genuinely, they need operating capital to keep their doors open.
They do this by obtaining new clients, which is a difficult task. In that process, their admissions and marketing teams need critical answers quickly to decide how to help an individual on the phone. Unfortunately, health insurance plays a significant role in this process. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers need to verify insurance information in real-time. They need these critical answers in seconds to get back to the individual seeking help on the phone. This can be done while on hold with instantvob™ services.

Seeking Addiction Treatment Help is a Critical Time

An estimated 20 million people in the US go without help for drug and alcohol addiction. There are many reasons for this; however, it is critical when someone reaches out that there are no obstacles for them to get the help they desperately need. In addition, we are now trying to deal with a record number of opiate overdose deaths in 2021. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released record opiate overdose numbers for 2021 that recorded over 200 lives per day. This is a considerable increase of 150 before the Covid-19 pandemic. Many drug rehabs are turning to instantvob™ to help them approve or get individuals reaching out for help the individualized help they need.

When substance abuse rehabilitation centers get calls, they need the most up-to-date information possible to make a good decision on how to help this individual. If they do not accept their health insurance, they will be able to direct to a center that can; a critical responsibility. Leaving someone reaching out for help with no solutions could be life-threatening.

A good treatment center will hand deliver someone to another center when they cannot help. While this is not always possible, there are other ways to ensure they get in contact with the best solution. They can add a three-way with the right center that accepts that insurance.

Drug Rehab Owners Taking the Guessing Out of Admissions with Instant Verification of Benefits Tools

There are high costs associated with operating a drug rehab. The list is endless with many high price ticket items that must be done. Some of these may include the following items.

  • Mortgage, rent or lease
  • Joint Commission Accreditation
  • Monthly marketing and advertising
  • Monthly taxes, insurances, and licenses
  • Monthly payroll
  • Monthly attorney’s fees
  • Monthly utilities
  • Food

The list goes on and on. Operating cash is critical for addiction treatment center owners. Without operating cash, they would have to close their doors. They would be unable to provide much needed scholarships to help the many without resources to get help.

The substance abuse rehabilitation centers spend a lot of money in obtaining clients. In fact, it is estimated that it costs between $5,000 and $8,000 to obtain a new client. Combine that will all the other expenses and you can clearly see they need help.

instantvob™: Saving Addiction Treatment Center CEO’s Time and Money by Verifying Treatment Instantly

Addiction Treatment CEOs saving time and money with instant verification of benefits

Verifying treatment before admission is the only choice to answer questions regarding reimbursement. Instant verification of benefits is a critical tool for drug rehabs. When marketing or admissions get a potential client on the phone, they must provide immediate answers. They need to know what the insurance companies are paying for particular services in particular areas.

Our comprehensive and innovative web app assists many different departments of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Some of the areas that will benefit include the following.

  • Marketing
  • Admissions
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Substance Abuse Billing

Our app is the most comprehensive and up-to-date in the industry. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of substance abuse billing and revenue cycle management from Integrity Billing. This knowledge allows us to provide your teams with the fastest response with the most accurate information on the market today. These insights allow your teams to make the best-educated decisions on admissions.

Not All Methods of Benefits Verification Are Available on Nights and Weekends

Nights and weekends play a critical role in obtaining clients for drug rehab owners. Instant verification of benefits answers essential questions for drug rehab CEOs. However, they are not all made the same. As an addiction treatment center owner, you need quick and easy answers when finding out about potential clients’ insurance policies. Often, centers have an outdated verification of benefits process, or the numbers are simply incorrect. Some critical areas where time and information play a role include the following:

  • Correct information allows centers to correctly forecast the reimbursements for detox, inpatient, and intensive outpatient programs
  • Our instantvob™ provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information within 8 seconds!
  • Health insurance information without errors allowing drug rehabs to update insurance before admissions
  • 24/7, 7 days per week
  • All of your insurance verifications are securely saved in our portal for reference anytime

Help drug rehab marketing and admissions teams by getting a free instant verification of benefits demo today

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How to verify insurance eligibility using instantvob

What Insurance Verification Programs Means for your Addiction Treatment Clinic

Insurance verification programs are critical considering 78% of potential clients admit to the first person who approves admission. Providing a process to eliminate barriers to patients’ care, such as insurance verification software, clinics not only help the patient through the complexities of health insurance but also improve their revenue cycle management.

Online Insurance Verification is Critical to Your Substance Abuse Clinic

To offer services to patients, clinics need to understand VOB and the benefits of the revenue cycle. Verifying benefits ensures the services you offer patients result in payments from insurance firms. It is one of the initial steps to acquire payments from the patient and the insurance company.

If you fail to verify a patient’s plan’s activation, you won’t receive payment for your services. On the other hand, it is also a way to know whether your patient has active coverage and is currently on premiums through Medicaid, Medicare, or any insurance policy. You will also verify whether your clinic is out or in-network with the patient’s plan.

Failure to verify the benefits process before admitting a patient to your clinic or offering services may result in certain disadvantages like claim rejections. You should verify eligibility benefits and coverage for hospital administrations, new patients, patients with a change in their scope, and high dollar procedures.

Insurance verification programs are needed for most non-emergency medical services and procedures. Stuck between patient care and administration, most clinic owners find it hard to complete the process quickly. Instant Verification of Benefits comes in handy in this. With their services, they make it easy for you and your staff to attend to other services and free up waiting on hold time from insurance companies.

Why you should choose Instantvob

Insurance verification programs help establish relationships and trust with patients. When it comes to instantvob, patients come first. Treatments are costly, and supporting patients with accurate and transparent benefits gives them a long life. The company contacts an insurance verification for substance abuse clinics with no surprise, upfront approach, thus enhancing the patient experience. Transparency helps establish your clinic and build trust and relationships with the patients.

Online insurance Verification has superior Functionality. You don’t have to wait to admit clients. Clinics get a significant percentage of potential clients after admission approval of their first-person. Instantvob is mobile optimized for any device usage. With all around the year access to its web application, you can obtain verifications of insurance benefits. With instant verification functionality, you can acquire:

  • Forecast of all care levels’ daily allowable amounts
  • Resubmit eligibility requests with new information to receive benefits any time
  • Offer your patient’s comprehensive benefits with a concise and clear three-page benefit summary
  • Fair and Most Convenient Pricing
  • All verified information about insurance benefits in less than eight seconds

Bottom Line
Insurance verification for substance abuse clinics is essential. It can save you time and the pain of insurance loss. Instant verification of benefits comes in handy in helping you with the process and ensuring you get paid for services you offer with no contracts and commitments. Contact instantvob to learn more about how we can help your clinic!