Meet the instantvob® Team - Streamlining Healthcare, One Click at a Time

At instantvob®, we believe that healthcare providers should be focused on delivering exceptional patient care, not battling endless paperwork. That’s why we’ve created an intuitive software solution that simplifies and automates the insurance verification process.
instantvob® Eric Yorlano

Eric P. Yorlano

Chief Executive Officer

instantvob® Denise Corbisiero

Denise Corbisiero

Chief Operating Officer

instantvob® Michael Tallia

Michael Tallia

Project Manager

instantvob® Daniel Yorlano

Daniel Yorlano

Project Manager

Our Origin Story

instantvob® was founded to address a critical need in the healthcare industry: a better way for providers to instantly access accurate patient benefit information. 

Our CEO, Eric P. Yorlano, realized that obtaining reliable verification of substance abuse and mental health benefits was an enormous challenge for rehabilitation facilities. Each insurance company has its own portal and procedures to retrieve coverage details — a convoluted and time-consuming process.

Eric knew there had to be a simpler way to consolidate this critical data so providers could spend more time caring for patients. With this vision in mind, instantvob® was born — an all-in-one solution delivering easy, accurate benefit verification in real time.

Built by Healthcare Experts

Our team has over 150 years of combined expertise across key healthcare disciplines including:

Substance abuse and mental health treatment

Insurance and managed care

Medical billing and revenue cycle management

Healthcare administration and management

With this unparalleled industry experience, we understand firsthand the obstacles providers face. instantvob® was purpose-built with user experience in mind to eliminate these pain points through an intuitive design and automated verification processes.

Our platform delivers effortless efficiency, 24/7 accessibility, and mobile-first convenience – everything today’s healthcare workplace demands. We don’t just verify benefits; we also enable seamless integration into existing systems through API access.

Our Vision for Healthcare’s Future

We envision healthcare software that “simply clicks.” Where tangled workflows unravel, freeing providers to deliver exceptional patient care. Technology should empower – not restrict – which is why instantvob® offers solutions flexible enough to meet each client’s unique needs.

As a trusted partner to the providers we serve, instantvob® pledges our dedication to crafting reliable products that simplify everyday processes. We hold ourselves to rigorous quality standards, subjecting our platform to continual testing and improvement. Our unwavering support team is always standing by to assist you every step of the way.

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The instantvob® Difference

What sets instantvob® apart? Our evidenced-based approach. We analyze industry trends and client feedback to ensure our solutions remain relevant. We track key metrics to continuously enhance the user experience. And we champion a culture of learning – understanding what works allows us to lead innovation.

Clients turn to instantvob® because we offer more than basic verification. Our comprehensive software platform delivers:

Accuracy You Can Trust

Our system automatically aggregates real-time benefit details from multiple sources, eliminating reliance on self-service portals. This provides reliable results clinicians can trust when advising patients on care decisions.

Anywhere “One Platform” Access

Our cloud-based API platform enables access anytime, anywhere – even from mobile devices. This empowers providers to verify coverage and authorize procedures whenever needed, 24/7.

Seamless Integration

instantvob® doesn’t disrupt existing workflows; we optimize them for an intuitive user experience. Our software integrates directly with most EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management systems via API connections.

Improved Revenue Cycles

Upfront verification minimizes denied claims by confirming eligibility and coverage limits. This reduces write-offs and claims rework, improving revenue cycle efficiency. 

Enhanced Patient Experiences

Increased financial clarity and fewer surprise bills lead to better patient experiences. Transparency builds trust and loyalty, improving reimbursement rates.


Ready to “Stop Wasting Time”?

At instantvob®, we’re committed to simplifying healthcare administration so providers can focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Ready to learn how our benefit verification solution can help your organization? Contact us today to request a demo.