Help with addiction and mental health admissions on nights and weekends.

Instant verification of benefits provides the fastest and most accurate instant verification of benefits in the industry. This information is available by phone any day on nights and weekends. Ask your admissions team if they would benefit from this service.

Verify Benefits 24/7 for Patient Admissions

Collecting accurate information for patient admissions is essential for fast and efficient intake. Immediate access to accurate VOB data also helps both healthcare providers and patients make informed decisions for better treatment strategies.

instantvob® provides a simple and transparent process that delivers accurate VOB information, so healthcare providers can focus on their primary mission to help more patients. Our platform delivers a streamlined VOB process that supports improved workflows for providers, and better patient care outcomes.

Specialized Help With Addiction & Mental Health Admissions

instantvob® provides the fastest and most accurate online verification of benefits in the industry. Our platform can retrieve accurate patient data 24/7, any day of the week, at night, on weekends, and after standard business hours. That’s a major benefit for addiction and mental health care providers, a segment where patient intake schedules can be unpredictable.

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  • Ask your admissions team if they would benefit from this capability
  • Ask your billing team if accurate data at the initial point of contact would reduce insurance rejections & denials
  • Ask your care providers if a clear understanding of benefits would help them communicate appropriate & available care to patients
  • Ask your patients if knowing their benefits would help them make better care decisions
  • Ask yourself if you can wait any longer to improve your admissions approach

The Impact of instantvob®

Approximately 78% of potential patients choose to receive care from the first facility that approves their admission. However, just because a patient is active does not mean that their insurance will pay their claim. Rapid and accurate VOB can help you receive payments from insurance providers faster and with fewer hassles.

instantvob® is built by a team that understands the operational service requirements and practical business challenges of healthcare revenue cycle management. We know what you need to make workflows faster and simpler, and require fewer resource inputs. We help healthcare providers do more with less, so you can focus on your mission-critical care operations and help more patients.

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Cloud-Based Data Solution Built for Today's Care Environment

instantvob® is fully mobile optimized for use on any device. It is also designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing data solutions. Moreover, it meets all compliance obligations under HIPAA and all other relevant PHI standards in the United States.

With 24/7 access to our platform, you always have the ability to obtain insurance benefits verifications. That capability is a game changer that supports your core patient care mission to be better and deliver a higher level of satisfaction.

Learn More Today About Faster & More Accurate Admissions

instantvob® is a proven solution: our platform is already used for VOB processes by providers across the United States. instantvob® is a preferred solution because our platform supports faster, more accurate, and more satisfactory admissions decisions. We’re helping healthcare providers increase admission rates, build trust with patients, and help them receive more efficient care.

Treatment that puts the patient first and builds a strong relationship with your care providers is essential. Arming them with a transparent process that provides an understanding of their benefits helps them feel more confident when approaching treatment and recovery. Our upfront, no-surprise approach demonstrably improves the patient experience. 

Contact us today to learn more about your opportunity to access the industry’s fastest and most accurate VOB solution. Let’s begin a conversation about how we can help you achieve your patient care goals.