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Includes  50 VOBs
  • Additional VOBs Price per VOB
  • 51 - 100 $0.99
  • 101 - 500 $0.79
  • 501 - 1000 $0.59
  • 1001 + $0.29

Yearly Subscription


Includes  50 VOBs  PER MONTH
  • Additional VOBs Price per VOB
  • 51 - 100 $0.99
  • 101 - 500 $0.79
  • 501 - 1000 $0.59
  • 1001 + $0.29
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Increase your admission rate and streamline your workflows with fast and accurate benefits verification information. Find the right instantvob® pricing for your admissions needs.


Whether you need to admit a new patient, it’s a new year with new enrollments, or a patient’s treatment circumstances have changed, correctly verifying insurance eligibility is essential to be reimbursed for the cost of care. With instantvob®, you only pay for what you use – there are no additional commitments and no contract is required.


The instantvob® platform is precisely engineered to make patient admissions faster, less complex, and more likely to be reimbursed. We can help you provide patients with an accurate understanding of their benefits, so they can make more confident treatment decisions. Transparency helps increase your admission rates so you can assist more patients to find effective treatment.


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An instantvob® demo is free and has no additional obligations. Joining is just as easy. Here’s what is included with instantvob®:

  • $149/month for 0 to 50 VOB queries
  • Platform introduction & staff training
  • US-based email & phone support
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services
  • No commitments
  • No contracts
  • Cancel at any time
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Our cloud-based VOB model makes revenue cycle management, substance abuse billing, and mental health services billing easy. You only pay for what you use, and you can cancel at any time.

Reach Out For a Custom Solution

There’s an easier way to manage the patient journey – it’s instantvob®. We’re working to migrate essential but tedious tasks out of your workflows, so you can focus on providing empathy and patient-friendly care. instantvob™ is a solution that is already working.

Try our platform with no further obligation. A free demo is a chance to see how a better, real-time, cloud-based data solution can benefit your admissions workflows. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration and begin your journey to a faster, more accurate, and better admissions process.

Why Join instantvob®?

instantvob® is built by a team with leading experience in the healthcare billing and management segment. We understand your need for a platform that upgrades your admissions process with a solution that is fast, accurate, compliant, and affordable. instantvob® is:

Designed for healthcare organizations

Our platform is custom-tailored for use by hospitals, substance use facilities, mental health centers, and individual practitioners. instantvob® is focused on admissions needs.

Fast, easy, accurate & HIPAA compliant

instantvob® only requires five patient identifiers to generate VOB information. Data is retrieved from multiple sources for optimal accuracy. Security and performance features are designed for comprehensive HIPAA and PHI compliance.

More convenient & less complex

instantvob® is designed to simplify admissions, speed reimbursements, and reduce collection outcomes. That creates a framework for healthcare providers to do more work with fewer resources while supporting improved patient results.

Let's Talk About Making Your Admissions Better

instantvob® can transform how you manage your initial patient contacts. It’s a proven solution that helps make the patient treatment journey easier and better for healthcare staff, doctors, and patients. 

We’ve got more details to share. Let’s have a conversation about how you can streamline your VOB workflows, gain control over admissions, and leverage the advantages of an innovative cloud-powered, data-based approach.

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