Verification of benefits on nights and weekends

instantvob® Is Simple to Use – Take a Look

instantvob® makes life easier for your staff and better for your patients. Here’s what it looks like in practice:

1. Log in to the online instantvob™ portal.

2. Enter patient information for only five fields: First Name, Last Name, Insurance Provider, Insurance ID, and Date of Birth.

emergency services
emergency services

3. Hit “Submit” and receive immediate patient VOB information from a safe, HIPAA-compliant database that aggregates multiple data sources. Data typically includes Insurance Type, Deductible, Deductible Met, Max Out-of-Pocket, Co-Insurance, Co-Pay, Pharmacy Benefits, Drug Access Restrictions, Coverage Alerts & more.

That’s it – it’s fast, simple, and requires only brief training for your team to begin realizing the advantages of a full deployment.

Evolve Your Admissions Capabilities with instantvob®

The instantvob® platform is available 24/7 – that includes holidays, nights, weekends, and after standard business hours. At any time you need us, we deliver comprehensive and accurate patient benefits and eligibility information.

Your staff and admissions team can access this data from virtually any device and immediately inform patients of their insurance benefits. Real-time access to treatment cost information eliminates uncertainty, builds trust, and makes the initial contact process easier and more transparent.

Safely Access, Store & Manage Patient Data

Verification of benefits is a key process in healthcare admissions. VOB helps you communicate to the patient their financial obligations for various treatments and therapies, which can inform the decision-making process. It is our mission to empower healthcare professionals with prompt and accurate information needed for admissions and treatment decisions.

Reduce billing errors and denials by ensuring that you have the same patient data as the insurer on file. Avoid missed payments by verifying policies are active and provide suitable coverage. The benefits of instantvob® include:

  • All insurance benefits information is verified in 8 seconds or less
  • All patient insurance information is verified for errors & completeness, allowing facilities to update insurance information prior to admission
  • Eligibility requests can be resubmitted with new information to verify benefits at any time
  • Complete benefit data condensed into a three-page benefit summary
  • All historical Insurance benefit verifications are stored securely in our portal for access at any time
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There’s an easier way to manage the patient journey – it’s instantvob®. We’re working to migrate essential but tedious tasks out of your workflows, so you can focus on providing empathy and patient-friendly care. instantvob® is a solution that is already working.

Try our platform with no further obligation. A free demo is a chance to see how a better, real-time, cloud-based data solution can benefit your admissions workflows. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration and begin your journey to a faster, more accurate, and better admissions process.