Optimize Patient Admissions with an
Instant Verification of Benefits

Improve speed to treatment and get patients the care they need with real-time access to verification of benefits (VOB) and patient coverage information.

When we say instant, we mean instant.

Make fast decisions on admissions for treatment and therapies with instantvob®. Our mobile-first solution saves healthcare, drug rehab admissions teams, and revenue cycle management teams hundreds of hours by providing fast and accurate reimbursement estimates.

Built mobile-first for a digital work environment, our platform is accurate, easy to use, and compliant. Our solution is always-on, to meet the need for 24/7 decision-making and care. instantvob® can help you increase your census, with fewer collection outcomes. The ability to acquire a patient’s active status, deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance information when insurance company support is unavailable reduces denials, increases admissions dramatically, and helps ensure insurance payments are received promptly.

instantvob® brings the advantages of a cloud-based digital transformation solution to your organization:

Instant verification of benefits

24/7 find active status, deductibles, coverage alerts & more.

Healthcare specific

Tailored for hospitals, substance use facilities, mental health centers & individual practitioners.

Fast, easy, accurate & HIPAA compliant

Only requires five patient identifiers, the platform does the rest.

Reduce process complexity

Simplify operations & reduce collection outcomes, while supporting improved patient results.

Policy Status

In-/Out-of-Network Deductibles

instantvob® Rectangle Transparent
instantvob® Rectangle Transparent

instantvob® is built by a team with extensive healthcare revenue cycle management experience. We understand how to support healthcare providers and patients to make better, more confident treatment decisions.

instantvob® features include:

  • Multiple data sources, for the most accurate information
  • Intuitive user interface with enhanced productivity tools
  • Customizable reporting options for compliance management
  • End-to-end data & access security
  • Mobile optimization
  • Automated security & performance updates
  • US-based email & phone support
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services

Initial patient encounters can be complex, however, instantvob® allows you to gain control of the process to support a faster, more accurate, and more efficient workflow.

instantvob® Rectangle Transparent
instantvob® Rectangle Transparent

Cloud-Based, Multiple Data Source-Driven Solution

instantvob® only requires five patient identifiers to go to work in real-time and output comprehensive VOB data, including:

  • Patient deductible, including total deductible, deductible met, and deductible remaining
  • Out-of-pocket costs, including copays and co-insurance
  • Various types of healthcare specialties
  • Policy active status
  • Patient Demographic information

instantvob® is an innovative cloud-based technology tool that assists healthcare providers, among various industries staff, and revenue cycle management teams by providing an expedited response to make fast, informed decisions on admissions for treatment and therapies. Our mission is to provide quick, easy, and efficient benefits verification to patients, so care providers can focus on what matters most: better treatment outcomes.

What Healthcare Professionals Are Saying About Us

“Verification of benefits on nights and weekends has increased my intakes dramatically.”

Tony G.

“Benefit verification at this cost is a game changer.”

Charles G.

“I was making some wrong decisions with admissions, instantvob® has helped me make the right calls.”

Caulder H.

“We began using instantvob as an overflow option for our admissions team after hours and on weekends. We find this tool helpful and very easy to use. instantvob assists us in making important financial decisions by providing benefits information immediately. It’s important to us that our clients are not left waiting for admission until we can complete a live verification”.

Maura O. Sangster. Director of Admissions. Muir Wood, LLC.

Ready to Learn More?

instantvob® is a better way to manage your initial patient contacts, one that helps everyone in the treatment journey enjoy greater satisfaction. We have more to share with you – contact us today to discuss how you can streamline your VOB workflows and gain the benefits of a fully digital process.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is our goal, however certain situations may arise where all your questions cannot be answered with the information provided in an online VOB inquiry.

We provide training for your staff for general use on the instantvob® platform. We additionally provide US-based email and phone support.

Yes. Our platform and services comply with all current HIPAA requirements and all regulations related to protected health information (PHI).

Our standard service plan is $149.99/month. Pricing is scheduled on a per-unit basis for volume that exceeds the standard service plan total.

Cancellation requests can be submitted by email directly to [email protected]. Please include your account information with your request.

Login at https://portal.instantvob.com/ and begin submitting your verification of benefits request.

We offer a monthly recurring subscription at $149.99/mo.

instantvob® supports Affordable Care Act (ACA) policies.

Support inquiries can be submitted directly to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact us at (561) 530-5755 if you prefer to speak with an instantvob® representative directly.