Empowering Chiropractic Care with instantvob®

Learn more about how instantvob® can help you streamline your chiropractic care through more efficient verification and billing.

Chiropractic Care

When it comes to chiropractic care, time is a precious commodity. Chiropractors often find themselves:

  • Juggling paperwork
  • Battling with portals
  • Sacrificing valuable time that could be better spent focusing on their patients’ well-being

The Need for Efficient Solutions

At instantvob®, we understand the challenges chiropractors face when it comes to administrative tasks. 

With over 35 million U.S. adults visiting chiropractors each year, we recognize the need for efficient, reliable solutions that streamline the insurance verification process, allowing chiropractors to reclaim their time and dedicate it to what truly matters: providing quality care.

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instantvob®: A Trusted Partner in Healthcare Administration

instantvob® is more than just a software solution; we are a trusted partner for chiropractors navigating the complexities of insurance verification and revenue cycle management. 

With over 100 years of combined experience in the healthcare field, our team of industry experts has united their diverse backgrounds to develop a system that supports a broad range of healthcare entities, including chiropractic practices.

Accuracy, privacy, and security are at the forefront of our services, ensuring that our clients can trust us to handle their sensitive data with the utmost care.

Supporting a Broad Range of Healthcare Entities

instantvob® is designed to support a wide array of healthcare providers, including chiropractors. We understand the unique challenges chiropractors face, and our versatile solutions are tailored to meet their specific needs. 

Whether you’re a small, independent practice or part of a larger healthcare network, instantvob® has the tools and expertise to streamline your insurance verification process.

instantvob®'s Mission and Vision

At the core of instantvob®‘s mission is the goal of eliminating the verification headache for healthcare providers, including chiropractors. We were built to address the hassles of the traditional verification of insurance benefits process.

Our goal is providing a mobile-friendly, powerful platform that helps our clients streamline workflows by:

  • Reducing denials
  • Equipping providers with knowledge of insurance benefits
  • Automating patient eligibility services

Key Benefits for Chiropractic Care Facilities

Streamlining the insurance verification process is at the core of instantvob®‘s value proposition, allowing chiropractic care providers to save valuable time and resources. We achieve this by providing:

Accurate Benefits Information

With instantvob®, chiropractors can access accurate benefit information in mere seconds, every time. Our system automatically retrieves real-time data from multiple sources, eliminating the need for endless provider portal logins and ensuring reliable results.

Automated Data Retrieval

instantvob® automates the data retrieval process, saving chiropractors valuable time and effort.  Our advanced technology seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources, providing a comprehensive view of patient benefits in a matter of moments.

No Provider Portal Logins

One of the most significant advantages of instantvob® is the elimination of provider portal logins. Chiropractors no longer need to waste time navigating multiple portals to access patient information.

With instantvob®, all the necessary data is available in one centralized location, accessible with just a few clicks.

24/7 Accessibility

instantvob® understands that chiropractic care doesn’t always follow a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why our services are available around the clock, even when working late nights or weekends. 

Chiropractors can access patient information and verify benefits whenever they need to, ensuring seamless chiropractic care at all times.

Mobile-First Design

instantvob®‘s mobile-first design ensures that chiropractors can access patient information instantly, no matter where they are. 

Our user-friendly mobile app is optimized for any device, allowing chiropractors to:

  • Verify benefits
  • Check eligibility
  • Manage patient data on the go

Instant Patient Information Access

With instantvob®‘s mobile app, chiropractors have instant access to critical patient information at their fingertips. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, you can quickly retrieve the data you need to make informed decisions and provide the best possible care to your patients.

Seamless Integration With Our Open API

instantvob® understands that every chiropractic practice has its own unique workflows and systems in place. That’s why we offer an open API that allows seamless integration with your existing software and processes. 

Our API enables chiropractic care providers to incorporate instantvob®’s powerful verification capabilities into your current setup, eliminating the need for a complete overhaul of your workflow.

Eliminate Login Overload

One of the most significant pain points for chiropractors is the need to manage multiple logins and portals to access patient information. instantvob®‘s seamless integration eliminates this issue, allowing you to access all the necessary data through a single, unified platform.

Easy WordPress Plugin For Streamlined Patient Intake

For chiropractors who use WordPress for their practice website, instantvob® offers an easy-to-use plugin that simplifies the patient intake process. 

Our plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing WordPress site, allowing patients to provide their insurance information directly through your website. 

This not only saves time for your staff but also enhances the patient experience by making the intake process more convenient and user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions in regards to instantvob®’s application in chiropractic care:

instantvob® automates the entire verification process, retrieving real-time data from multiple sources to provide accurate benefit details in seconds. This eliminates the need for manual verification and endless provider portal logins, saving valuable time.

instantvob®‘s services are available 24/7, even during late nights and weekends. This ensures benefits verification anytime, preventing delays in care.
instantvob® has a user-friendly mobile app optimized for any device, allowing you to instantly access patient information anytime, anywhere.
instantvob® offers an open API that seamlessly integrates with your current workflows. This eliminates having to juggle multiple logins and portals. For WordPress websites, there’s also an easy plugin for streamlined patient intake.
By providing accurate benefits data upfront, instantvob® helps reduce denials and lost revenue. This allows you to focus on delivering efficient, high-quality chiropractic care while making confident treatment decisions. Streamlined processes also enhance patient satisfaction.
instantvob® offers a few convenient options to help chiropractic care providers get started streamlining insurance verification for your chiropractic practice:
  • Free trial: Experience the full power of the instantvob®platform by signing up for a free trial. This allows you to explore all the features and benefits with no commitment.
  • Schedule a demo: For a more personalized introduction, schedule a one-on-one demo with an instantvob®expert. They’ll guide you through the platform, answer any questions, and ensure you get set up for success from day one.  
  • Consultation call: If you still have questions before getting started, instantvob®’s friendly team offers free consultation calls. They’ll learn about your practice’s needs and provide a tailored solution.

How instantvob® Empowers Chiropractic Care Providers

One of the most significant benefits of instantvob® for chiropractic practices is the reduction of denials and lost revenue. Our automated benefits verification and streamlined payer portal solution programs ensure that payments are processed by avoiding denials for lack of coverage. 

By providing accurate and up-to-date information about patient benefits, instantvob® helps chiropractors minimize the risk of denied claims and maximize their revenue.

Offer Efficient, High-Quality Chiropractic Care

With instantvob®, chiropractors can dedicate more of their attention to patient care. 

This not only improves the overall patient experience but also allows chiropractors to see more patients in a given day, increasing their practice’s productivity and profitability.

Empower Confident Decision-Making

instantvob®‘s accurate and efficient processing empowers both chiropractic care providers and patients to make confident decisions about care. 

With reliable information about insurance coverage and benefits, chiropractors can develop treatment plans that align with their patients’ specific needs and financial situations. 

This level of transparency and clarity fosters trust between chiropractors and their patients, leading to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

By providing a seamless and efficient insurance verification process, instantvob® helps chiropractors enhance patient satisfaction. 

Patients appreciate the convenience and transparency that comes with knowing their coverage and benefits upfront. This level of communication and clarity reduces the likelihood of surprises or misunderstandings down the line, leading to a more positive overall experience for patients.

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emergency services

Getting Started with instantvob®

Experiencing the benefits of instantvob® firsthand is the best way to understand how our solutions can transform your chiropractic practice. That’s why we offer a free trial, allowing you to explore our platform and see the impact it can have on your workflow and patient care. 

Schedule a Demo

If you’d like a more personalized introduction to instantvob®, we invite you to schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable representatives. 

During the demo, we will:

  1. Walk you through our platform
  2. Answer any questions you may have
  3. Discuss how instantvob® can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your chiropractic practice


Don’t wait – schedule your demo today and take the first step toward streamlining your insurance verification process.