Instant Verification of Benefits: Improving the Admissions Process for Healthcare Providers


Patients not qualified for Medicaid and Medicare are on the back burner due to their inability to pay promptly. Remembering that they still require healthcare, hospital admissions staff juggled numerous bills before deciding who would receive treatment. Meanwhile, uninsured patients languished in waiting rooms, sometimes for hours. It was a dilemma: although they needed immediate care, hospitals could not know the patient’s ability to pay until the admission process was underway. Medical providers felt tied between a rock and a hard place — their hands tied. They couldn’t provide immediate service without knowing what the patient could afford, which is why many people found themselves without health insurance or any healthcare at all. The introduction of instant verification of benefits has alleviated the problem of medical under-insurance thus far by streamlining the admissions process for all parties involved.

Availity, Navinet, and instantvob®

Millions of people in the United States struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues. These disorders often go hand-in-hand, and they can have a devastating impact on individuals and their families. While many treatment options are available, not all of them are covered by insurance. This can make it very difficult for people to get their needed help. This is where Availity comes in. Availity is a healthcare technology company that offers instant verification of benefits. This means that healthcare providers can quickly and easily check to see if their patients’ insurance will cover the cost of treatment. This is a critical service for healthcare providers who treat substance abuse and mental health disorders. It can help patients get the treatment they need and start on the road to recovery. Healthcare providers are using a variety of software platforms to verify benefits and eligibility for their patients. These platforms include AvailityNaviNet, and instantvob®. 

Providers are Turning to Technology Solutions for Benefit Verification

Healthcare providers use platforms like Availity, NaviNet, and instantvob® to verify benefits and eligibility for their patients. These platforms help providers verify coverage and benefits for patients with Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Substance Use Disorder Treatment. Providers can use these platforms to verify benefits and eligibility for their patients in real time. This helps providers avoid billing mistakes and improve the accuracy of their claims. Using these platforms is becoming more common as providers look for ways to enhance the efficiency of their processes. In an effort to streamline the admissions process, many healthcare providers are now using instantvob®. This technology allows providers to instantly verify a patient’s coverage, reducing delays and improving the overall patient experience. instantvob® is also beneficial for providers, as it can help reduce the administrative burden associated with the admissions process. By using instantvob®, providers can spend more time caring for patients and less on paperwork. Overall, instantvob® is a helpful tool that makes the admissions process more efficient for patients and providers.

Learn More About Instant Verification of Benefits

Healthcare providers are using instant verification of benefits (VOB) to streamline the admissions process. VOBs provide real-time data on patient coverage and benefits, which helps admissions staff make more informed decisions. In addition, VOBs can help with revenue cycle management by providing information on insurance payments. Our web application is affordable, and we can get you up and running in one phone call. Reach out to us at 561-530-5755 or visit to learn more!