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Instant Verification of Benefits Technology With Quality Customer Support

When your alcohol and substance abuse center uses cutting-edge technology for instant verification of benefits, this goes a long way in strengthening your business. With instantvob™, our online portal allows you to enter patients’ names to see their benefits and eligibility information. Ultimately, this will save your staff time and improve the patient experience. Another important element when using new technology is readily available tech support. We make it easy for you to receive help whenever you have questions or concerns about our web application, which makes the learning curve at the beginning smoother to manage.

If you don’t think tech support is an essential characteristic in choosing a tech tool, here is how our support team will help your business.

Role Of Our Support Team

In this digital world, a business is only as strong as its tech capabilities. But learning new tools, like our application that allows instant benefits verification, isn’t always easy. Without the proper support, new technology can derail your business if your staff doesn’t know how to use it. Our team doesn’t just offer functional technology, but we also provide the necessary support to keep your business running smoothly.

The role of our support team is to help you execute essential solutions to keep your business running smoothly and more efficiently. The proper support will give you an edge against your competition, which is crucial in the business world. Every industry, even substance abuse centers, has to contend with the competition. When onboarding a new patient for instant verification, it’s imperative that the process is handled quickly. People are so opposed to methods that take long that they go elsewhere to find a center that can handle things quickly.

In many cases, new technology poses new problems. Untrained staff may run into the following:

  • Technical issues
  • Difficulty setting up user accounts
  • Problems understanding how to use the software

When they reach out to customer support, they have difficulty getting ahold of anyone to resolve their issues. These seemingly minor problems can result in significant consequences. We understand the importance of easy access to industry experts who are always waiting for your call. We offer live support upon request. That way, when your staff uses our web application, they will always have an expert to handle all their application needs quickly.

More Than Technology

When a company uses tools to improve productivity, the quality of the product is the first thing they see. After all, it’s the technological tool that will transform the business. For example, the instantvob™ advantage is functionality, easy setup, and data encryption to protect your client’s information. These features are imperative in the verification of benefits tools for alcohol and substance abuse centers. Without them, we know our product wouldn’t perform as efficiently as it does. Nevertheless, we understand that it goes beyond quality technology, yet an often-neglected characteristic when choosing a company is technical support. Many businesses only realize the importance of it when they run into technical issues and can’t get ahold of an industry expert to resolve them.

Although instantvob™ is easy to understand and execute, if your staff has any questions, problems, or concerns, we provide the best customer support to troubleshoot whatever issues they may have. Our support will help your business run more efficiently. When your clients are satisfied, this will build brand awareness and loyalty.

Speak With Industry Experts about Instant Verification of Benefits

Just like a business is only as good as its technology, customer support is only as good as its team. You will be connected to highly trained and experienced industry experts to troubleshoot issues big and small. Our team will enable your team to build trust and relationships with your patients.

Choose instantvob™ for your Instant Verification of Benefits Needs

verification of medical benefits is hadnled by instant VOB

If your business hasn’t utilized new technology to verify patient benefits, now is the time to do so. No alcohol and substance abuse center wants repeats, but you can benefit from word of mouth, and your old technology may be costing your business. With instantvob™, you will receive high-quality technology and customer support to take that first step into instant verification of benefits confidently. Contact us today or call 561-355-5755 for more information on our services.