Program for instant verification of benefits increasing admission rates for treatment centers

How Substance Use Clinics Can Increase Productivity

Substance use clinics play a vital role in our society. They help individuals recover from substance use disorders, such as drugs and/or alcohol addiction. They provide individuals with the tools to become productive members of the community once again. To continue their role, clinics must look to improve every aspect of their services, from offering effective patient programs to streamlining the verification of benefits process

All of this helps to ensure their most important goal is achieved, which is to help every patient who walks through their doors. At Instantvob, we strive to help clinics by providing an easy-to-use application to verify patients’ benefits in three simple steps, which we will delve more into later. Right now, let’s take a look at a few other ways substance use clinics can increase productivity.

Use an Intelligent Scheduling System

Schedules are one of the most important elements in ensuring creativity. As a result, this is not a responsibility to be assigned to just anyone on the staff. Find the time to come up with a scheduling system that everyone on your team can understand. Do not assign this task to a lower-level member, as many clinics tend to do. Instead, have a staff member who has shown good organization, planning, and delegating skills to manage it. If you are currently using a manual method for scheduling, consider digitizing it. There is an abundance of applications that have a sophisticated, yet user-friendly platform for growing offices to create their schedules.

Delegate Tasks Appropriately

Do you find that substance use counselors are spending much of their time on tasks that do not involve direct patient care? Consider changing this by delegating tasks to other members to ensure most of the counselor’s time is devoted toward the patients. In the bustling and hectic environment of a substance use clinic, this strategy can be more challenging than it sounds. One way to simplify it is to ask yourself whether the task demands a counselor be involved and whether someone else can do it? Ask the entire staff on ways to handle tasks more efficiently.

Confirm Patient Appointments

We understand that small substance use clinics may struggle to achieve this, as there are more important tasks that need handling. However, at the very least, we recommend confirming appointments for new patients. If a patient does not show up to a cognitive behavioral therapy session, for example, this wastes the therapist’s time and costs the clinic money. Therefore, to avoid costly no-shows, start confirming patient appointments.

Use the Credit Card on File Option

More medical facilities should give patients the option of leaving their credit cards on file, as it is a great strategy to reduce balances and improve cash flow. Furthermore, it is more convenient for the patient, as most patients prefer to use their card for out-of-pocket payments.

Collect Co-payments Upfront

These days, out-of-pocket costs have increased and patients are even more reluctant to cover their share of the treatment. Many healthcare facilities, including substance use clinics, often wait until the patient has been discharged to ask for payment. However, some patients will leave directly after being seen, which puts the many struggles of the bill collections process into motion. Instead, collect the full payment or partial payment upfront, before the patient is seen. When only a partial payment is required, you will find that patients are more susceptible to cover it.

Use Instantvob

Verification services determine how much is owed and who is responsible for covering it: the patient or the insurance company? If your clinic experiences a high volume of denied claims, it may benefit from using Instantvob. Our online portal is fast and intuitive. Simply log in, enter the patient’s name, and submit the information. Your staff can easily resubmit all eligibility requests with new information to verify benefits. Additionally, all historical insurance benefit verifications are stored in our portal to access at any time.

By using our advanced technology to verify benefits, the clinic will see a reduction in the number of denied claims it receives. Once staff members sign into Instantvob’s platform, they can view insurance eligibility in real-time and immediately know what services will be covered by the patient’s insurance provider. We guarantee you all your staff members will understand our platform, but if anyone experiences a learning curve at the beginning, we are available 24/7 to answer their questions.

Contact Instantvob

These simple, yet effective strategies can help your clinic increase its productivity. Furthermore, our application can simplify the process of verifying patients’ benefits, which we understand can be daunting for staff members. To receive high-quality technology for instant verification of benefits, contact Instantvob today. Call 561-355-5755 for more information.

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The Various Forms of Substance Use Disorders and How Instant Verification Makes a Difference

Substance use disorder is when someone is addicted to a specific substance and can not quit. Substance use disorders are common, with 19.7 million adults battling some form of addiction. 

These issues are challenging, as the more someone abuses a substance, the greater harm to their mental and physical wellbeing. 

The best way to combat these issues is to know the different forms of substance use and get the addict professional help. In this article, we look at the various disorders and how instant verification can make all the difference. 


An opioid is any drug containing some form of opium or heroin, including fentanyl, Oxycotin, and Vicodin. These drugs are very addictive by connecting with the opioid receptors in the central nervous system.  Doctors prescribe variations of opioids for relieving pain after an accident or injury. 

When using these drugs, the pain is blocked out from the central nervous system, helping the person feel better. The side effects include drowsiness, respiratory issues, depression, constipation, nausea, and confusion. 

The long-term effects are the body will develop a tolerance to opioids, leading to addiction. Over time, you will have trouble with decision-making, dealing with stress, and controlling your behavior. The addiction can become so strong that addicts will find themselves lying and stealing from their loved ones to do opioids.  

We recommend that anyone who is suffering from opioid addiction seek out treatment immediately. Most forms of insurance cover in and outpatient treatment to address the dependency issues.

Instantvob can instantly verify the insurance coverage and what forms of treatment are approved. We give you 24-hour access, so you know what to do when dealing with someone addicted to opioids. You no longer have to wait to admit clients, as the instant approval gives you all relevant information. 


Alcohol is one of the most frequently abused substances, and most people ignore the signs when someone is an alcoholic. 

Statistics show that 65.9% of all adults drank in the past month, and 25.8% engage in binge drinking. 

These figures show the pervasiveness of alcohol abuse and how drinking is common in our society. 

The constant use of alcohol leads to addiction with the loss of control over how much you drink. When you are not drinking, is when you will see aggressiveness and pessimistic attitudes. Drinking is a form of escape to help the person feel better and relieve the tension in their lives. 

The challenge is that alcohol abuse impairs the person’s judgment and destroys their relationships with friends and family. 

Over the long-term, drinking too much can cause cancer, liver, heart, pancreas damage and weaken the immune system. 

We recommend encouraging someone who has a drinking problem to seek out treatment immediately. 

Insurance will cover the treatment, and the alcoholic can start on the road to recovery and a better life. 

Instantvob is the application that verifies insurance benefits, eligibility, and historical benefits. All of this is at your fingertip instantaneously, and you can admit the alcoholic to treatment. You don’t have to wait around and let the alcoholic change their mind when 24-hour access is available.  


Stimulants fall into different categories of drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine, Ritalin, Adderall, and Modafinil. These drugs cause the brain to produce more dopamine, which leads to the body feeling awake, focused, talkative, and having a lower appetite. 

The drawbacks are when the effects of the drugs wear off, and there is a need for sleep. You can also develop headaches, seizures, coma, and heart attacks from constant misuse in the short term.

Over the long term, stimulants can cause psychotic behavior, aggressiveness, memory loss, and circulatory issues. Abusing methamphetamines and cocaine increase the chances of acquiring HIV and hepatitis. 

Anyone who is abusing stimulants should seek out treatment the right way, as the side effects are dangerous. The hazards to their health are considerable, and these substances are highly addictive. 

Instantvob is your platform for the immediate verification of benefits, and you know what is covered. You no longer have to wait for the insurance company to confirm what is covered when our platform does that quickly. Using our application, you can rapidly address any substance use disorder and find out everything you want to know. 

You Can Help Your Clients Faster 

These are some of the substance abuse disorders, and the best way to get someone to treatment is to have their insurance ready. Instantvob is the one solution that gives you everything right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. Call us today at 561-530-5755 and see how we can make things easier for you. 

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