Insurance helps decrease healthcare service costs and gives patients immediate treatment options. After services have been rendered, things become complicated, with insurance companies not paying for different services. According to the AJMC, denials for various services have risen by 11% annually, increasing disputes about what is covered. These challenges make it difficult to know if insurance companies will reimburse you for the total amount of your services. You can avoid these issues by using a system that instantly offers online verification of benefits. We look at how this system revolutionizes healthcare to give you more support, so you can focus on helping your patients. 

Online Benefit Verification Improves Your Profitability 

Nobody likes to hear that their insurance claims have been denied, and the process begins after the services are rendered. These issues make it harder for you to collect the full payment, as patients can only pay so much. 

The insurance company will cover the services up to a point and will not go beyond what is approved. Healthcare providers are left to figure out how to collect their fees and do so in ways that produce results. 

Instant verification lets you see what benefits are covered and talk to the patient about this before delivering your services. You never have to worry about disputes arising, as you have timely information. 

We recommend getting the online verification of benefits before you work with a patient to understand what is covered. You have better information and know-how to handle these situations before they impact your profitability. 

instantvob® is easy to use, and we offer affordable plans that give you timely information. You never have to worry about if something is covered and then find out later that a service is not. We give you immediate access to make better decisions and discuss the financial implications with your patients. 

You Offer Better Quality Services 

Let’s face the facts one of the most common issues in any healthcare environment is the time spent verifying benefits. Staff members are constantly talking to insurance companies about what is covered. 

The patient suffers, as the staff has less time to work with them and give timely information on their benefits. Appointments are scheduled for services patients can’t afford, and they don’t realize their insurance company is not covering everything. 

Online verification of benefits lets you see in real-time what is covered and decreases the time spent talking to insurance companies. Your staff can focus more on patients and scheduling them based on the results of the inquiry. 

We recommend using our services to improve quality and become more responsive to your patients. 

instantvob® is quick, HIPAA compliant, secure, and easy to implement into your practice. The world of healthcare is changing, and you want to adjust to these shifts to be better prepared for new challenges. 

Decrease Denials with online verification of benefits

The insurance world is changing, and each carrier has different policies about what is covered. You rely on your staff to decide what is covered under a plan and if a patient is eligible using their existing insurance. 

However, the changes to insurance company policies have shifted in the last few years, and denials are increasing. If you see an increase in denials, these shifts impact what is covered. 

You can direct your staff to follow up on each patient and speak to the insurance company about eligibility. The other option is using state-of-the-art solutions that instantly verify the benefits. The last choice gives you fast and easy access to the information without overwhelming your staff. 

Using our next-generation solutions, you make better decisions and lower the odds of denials for different services. Technology is making things more accessible; you can use these advancements to streamline verification. 

We recommend using our services to verify patient eligibility for different insurance benefits. 

instantvob® is the solution that makes online verification of benefits easy and fast for your practice. You don’t have to wait to admit patients or for lengthy approvals when you have all the information in seconds. We will verify all of the insurance information in 8 seconds, or less so you can make the best decisions. 

Stop Wasting Time! 

Our solutions to verify benefits give you the tools you need to get back into the business of practicing medicine. Call instantvob® at 561-530-5755 and let us help you see how we can get you instant access to your patient’s benefits. 

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