Why is instant verification of benefits so important? It can save your staff time and improve the patient experience. You can also lose revenue in admitting patients who do not have active policies or whose insurance company does not cover certain services. As a result, one of the first steps to ensure payment is to verify the patient’s benefits and determine whether you will receive reimbursement from the insurance company. Simplify this tedious process with instantvob®, a new web app designed for instant verification.

What Is Verification Of Benefits?

Verification Of Benefits for medical billing is verifying health insurance plan benefits with the insurance company to determine how much coverage an individual has. Even if a patient’s insurance policy is active, not all of their medical expenses will receive reimbursement from their insurance provider. Instant verifications of benefits services assist in determining how much coverage the insurance policy provides and who is responsible for covering it. When the insurance provider does not provide full reimbursement, many substance abuse centers have difficulty explaining to the patient that they are responsible for the payment and why. Most patients do not fully comprehend what services are not covered under their insurance policy and don’t understand why their insurance will not cover them. In far too many instances, patients refuse to make a payment. As a result, verifying that the insurance company will cover reimbursement is essential and typically completed before the patient’s admission.

Substance abuse facilities that experience a high volume of denied claims can benefit from instantvob®. You can ensure services get paid when the patient steps through your doors. instantvob® allows you to see insurance benefits within seconds and verify all insurance information for errors and completeness, allowing facilities to update insurance information before admission.

In addition to maximizing revenue, instant verification increases patient satisfaction. Instant account verification allows you to verify the patient’s insurance coverage to determine if treatment services are reimbursable within seconds. A typical instant benefit verification takes 8 seconds or less when you use our instantvob® tool.

You should also consider the patient experience. Years ago, outdated methods often took too long, but there was no faster alternative back then. Patients expect everything to be handled quickly with today’s improvements and modern technologies. If your facility has not updated its process with new technology, this can significantly hurt its bottom line as patient satisfaction diminishes. 

Benefits Of Using Verification of Benefits

Getting up-to-date substance abuse billing information helps reduce the guesswork of determining whether or not an addiction treatment center will receive reimbursement for its treatment services. Our online portal is fast and intuitive. Log in, enter the patient’s information into the application fields, and then hit submit. From that point:

Reduce the number of denied claims your facility sees by using our advanced technology to verify benefits. Your staff can now view insurance eligibility in real-time and immediately know what services will be covered by the patient’s insurance provider. Whenever your team needs assistance, we are available 24/7 to deliver comprehensive and accurate benefit and eligibility information.

Our platform is intuitive and easy to understand, but our support team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you experience difficulty setting up user accounts or have problems understanding how to use the software, please reach out so we can assist.

Speak With Industry Experts

The advantage of using instantvob®’s medical billing verification of benefits is functionality, easy setup, and data encryption to protect your client’s information. Nevertheless, we know the importance of receiving reliable customer support, and our experts are available to answer any questions or concerns you and your team may have.

Just like a business is only as good as its technology, customer support is only as good as its team. You will be connected to highly trained and experienced industry experts to troubleshoot issues big and small. Our team will enable your team to build trust and relationships with your patients.

Verifying patient benefits can be confusing, so we have developed a platform that simplifies this process. Incorporating a workflow that involves instant verification the moment a patient walks through your doors will ensure that your facility receives reimbursement from the patient and the insurance company. With instantvob®, you will receive high-quality technology and customer support to take that first step into instant verification of benefits confidently. Contact us today or call 561-355-5755 for more information on our instant verification of benefits services.