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Top 3 Reasons to Use instantvob for Instant Verification of Benefits

When a patient checks into a rehab facility, their first impression is with the front desk. Essentially, this sets the tone for their visit, whether it be an hour-long therapy session, or a 30-day inpatient program. If your front desk staff is already juggling many tasks, then verifying the patient’s insurance eligibility and benefits, while meeting the needs of the patient, can be a major challenge to overcome. Instant verification can relieve your staff of many of their problems in several ways. The two most important being they will effectively confirm the patient’s ability to pay for their medical care while providing a positive first impression for the patient. 

At instantvob, we know the patient must always come first. As a result, we designed an app that allows the front desk staff to quickly and accurately verify benefits. Our platform should become an integral part of every substance abuse clinic and rehabilitative facility for many reasons. The following are our top three. 

Increased Patient Satisfaction 

The reception at any healthcare facility has a significant impact on how a patient perceives their experience. If a patient must wait around as your staff makes multiple calls to companies for verification, it is only a matter of time before frustration will sink in. Even if the patient is later satisfied with the services, their check-in experience may sour their overall outlook on the facility. This is proof that first impressions really do matter. 

We understand that your front desk staff has a lot to juggle and verifying benefits and coverage is a challenging, time-consuming task. When your staff is equipped with the right tools and technologies, they can work more efficiently. With instantvob, your staff can easily interpret complicated health plan benefits. Our platform is as easy as one, two, three – literally. 

  1. Login to the online portal and select “instantvob” 
  2. Enter the patient’s information into the application’s five fields 
  3. Submit 

If your team experiences any trouble, our service is available 24/7 to advise them and deliver comprehensive and accurate benefit and eligibility information. 

Reduces Claim Denials 

You know that claim denials can cost your facility revenue in many ways, including the possibility of incurring penalties and fines due to mistakes and misfiled claims. Even if you do not receive a high number of claims, you and your staff would do everything in their power to reduce that number. Change starts at the front desk: your front desk must always ask for and verify proof of insurance benefits. 

Instantbov is the eligibility solution you have been waiting for. It is mobile optimized for use on any device and with 24/7 access to our web application, your staff can always obtain insurance benefits verifications. 

  • Forecast Daily allowable amounts for all levels of care. 
  • All insurance benefits information is verified in 8 seconds or less. 
  • Eligibility requests can be resubmitted with new information to verify benefits at any time. 

All patient insurance information is verified for errors and completeness, which will speed up the process. Patients can pay promptly, thus facilitating your rehabilitative clinic to cut down on claim denials. This is an upfront, no-surprise approach that improves the patient experience, while financial transparency helps build your brand. 

More Time with Your Patient 

When a medical facility runs smoothly and eliminates unnecessary hurdles, like the multiple steps it once took to verify benefits, you and your staff can spend more time with the patient. In the end, this is what truly matters. When you use instantvob, all patient insurance information is verified for errors and completeness, which allows facilities to update insurance information long before admission. They no longer need to make multiple calls as they force the patient to stand idly by. 

By spending less time on the phone, they can spend more time with the patient, improving their experience. Additionally, your patients do not need to worry about security issues, as all historical Insurance benefit verifications are stored securely in our portal for access at any time. 

Get instantvob 

You no longer need to wait to admit patients. Get instantvob instead. With a low monthly fee and no commitments, instantvob is the smart option. To learn more about our instant verification platform, contact us or call 561-530-5755.